Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bagaimana melukis bawang menggunakan cat air

Draw  basic line drawing to your stretched watercolour paper.

Wet the onion and apply some Light Red. Again dab with a crumpled tissue while still wet to save highlight. While the paper is still slightly damp apply some more Light Red using a small round brush.

Using the Sienna/yellow mix, apply a wash over the whole onion. while the wash is still wet, use a clean damp brush to lift some paint for the highlights. This will give a soft edge.

apply some Burnt Umber to the damp surface. Use very little water with your Burnt Umber so your paint will be thicker. At this time you can paint the top stem of the onion, markings and dark edge.

Allow to dry and then re-wet the whole onion and apply some light red (thicker mix) to the right side. While the surface is still damp, use a dark brown watercolour pencil to apply the thin vertical lines following the shape of the onion.

Using a black watercolor pencil, add darker touches to some lines and also to the base. Using a mix of Burnt Umber/Light Red, paint in the markings on the fallen onion skin.

Use a rigger brush and paint in the fine lines on the skin. Using the black watercolour pencil, darken some parts of a few of the lines.

Paint in the shadow lines around the loose piece of skin at the base of the onion. Then darken the lower area with Burnt Umber to finish your painting.
I hope you enjoyed painting your onion. Happy painting until next time, 

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